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TROTTYdesign is a small design consultancy run by Paul Liptrot offering cost effective graphic, web and communication solutions for a diverse range of clients, both in the not-for-profit, creative and private sectors. Paul supports small organisations in producing high quality materials that showcase their strengths, help them to engage effectively with their stakeholders and are what people need.


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Communication is a vital tool for any organisation, from small groups working with a limited number of people or a large charity working across the country and has far reaching effects on the success of your organisation.

TROTTYdesign can help you develop any part of your communications, from a single element like working out your Unique Selling Point to a complete strategy to be used across the organisation. A holistic approach is used ensuring value for money and effectiveness

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is crucial for communicating the essence of your organisation. Through the items you produce, from a postcard to a newsletter or website, you can let your target audiences know about you and how you can engage them.

TROTTYdesign aim to produce clear, effective materials that contribute towards the aims of their clients. By working with TROTTYdesign you can realise your aims in the way that suits you - be that clean and simple or something more innovative!

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Web design

The web can be a daunting experience when it comes to setting up a website - there are a wealth of languages, styles, layouts that could be used all of which can affect how an end user sees your site and more importantly information about you.

TROTTYdesign like to keep things simple! Its important to know what you want and also what you're getting - we will always make sure that your needs are understood, that you get what you want, and that your site makes the desired impact!

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