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We are able to provide a range of services to support organisations in considering, planning and implementing a communications strategy for the whole organisation or specific projects. Ensuring that this is in place is crucial in achieving goals and being able to compete in challenging situations. Some of the questions that should be considered are shown below.


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Why you exist. The first step for new organisations (or those looking to revitalise their communication) is to look at the reasons they exist, what they do and why! Getting this right can save lots of time in the long run.

What to say. it's crucial to understand what you want you want to achieve, like increase your membership, promote events or simply get yourself known?

Stakeholders. Sometimes its easy to focus just on end users - this is a waste of potential - there are many stakeholders that you can use to make yourself more successful.

Your USP. Your 'Unique selling point' - we've all heard the term but getting it right can be difficult. You need to identify what it is that makes you unique and of interest to potential users.

Messages. Your 'key messages' make sure that your users understand what your organisation is about and should be designed to get people to engage in your services.

What you need. There are a wealth of options you could consider to let people know about your organisation, as a basis you might consider a leaflet and a website but these are just the start - have a look at the graphic design section for some examples!

Your identity. Your identity should always be right, this includes your logo, appearance, business cards and so on - its important to look professional from the first step!

Lifetime Planning. This can help you prioritise where your resources should be placed and how your strategy can be tailored to deal with key milestones including projects, milestones and funding.