Graphic Design

Services provided by TROTTYdesign

We are able to work with organisations on small to large projects including items like company materials, promotional materials, flyers, leaflets, reports, display materials and more. A flexible approach is used to ensure that you get the materials you need and that are reflective of your organisations aims and activities.


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Simple & Focussed. TROTTYdesign will work with you to ensure that any piece of work is simple and designed to effectively communicate the aims of the document, from simple organisational materials to newsletters or reports.

Appropriately Targeted. Its crucial to ensure that the document does what is needed, something that TROTTYdesign will work hard to make sure happens.

Organisational Materials. All materials designed by TROTTYdesign will reflect the organisations identity and branding, whether it has previously been created or is something that we work with you to design.

Larger documents. TROTTYdesign has experience in creating a large range of documents from leaflets, flyers through to 32+ page reports.

Want to see examples? Examples of recent work can be found in the portfolio using the menu on the right.