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TROTTYdesign has a simple clear approach to web design ensuring that all sites designed are functional, attractive and effective. Key to this is understanding your needs and those of your users. As part of all web design projects a full plan is developed including research to ensure the success of your project. Just some of the elements of how we design websites are shown below.


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The basics: focus is on using the latest HTML and CSS to produce functional yet attractive sites that are easily navigable and appear just how you expect! The focus is ensuring that the site fulfils your requirements without following fads that could affect the longevity of the site.

Added extras: This basic coding is supplemented with additional dynamic coding to add interactivity to your site - for example event booking forms, directories, online forums, shops, galleries, blogs and so on. This provides your organisation with extra services that can be managed by you in house ensuring that your site is maintained and updated regularly.

Accessibility: Of crucial importance to all work is ensuring that all sites conform to the W3C standards for coding - wherever possible sites are designed to strict standards. This ensures that the site is viewable across different platforms and is acceccible to all.

Mobile design: in the current climate it is vital that your site can be viewed on mobile devices, the fastest growing web sector, all sites designed will include tested mobile layouts ensuring that your content can be viewed on the go.

Social Media: Social Media is an important way of communicating directly with users and supplementing your presence on the web. Various social media platforms can be embedded on websites as needed. This links back to your Communication as you need to know what you want to say!

Getting viewed online. Simple Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is included in all sites designed to ensure visibility through search engines like Google.

Maintenance: TROTTYdesign can also provide web maintenance services if you already have a website but need someone to update it on a regular basis. Simple Content Management systems can be implemented depending on your experience too!